Making strawberry cupcakes candles.

Maria F. Solares
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To make your own strawberry cupcake candles, start by gathering all of your supplies. You’ll need some wax flakes, votive cups, food coloring (preferably red), essential oil (strawberry is best), a stovetop or microwave-safe bowl, and some spoons or chopsticks. Then, follow these simple steps:

These were fabulous! My daughter requested strawberry cupcakes for her birthday so I needed a recipe that wouldn’t fail. I omitted the eggwhites and added a tblsn of mayo and a heaping tblspn of plain greek yogurt (fage brand). I baked them for only 20 mins. Also used just 2% milk. Piped the strawberry buttercream on top. I altered that recipe by just adding a small container of whipped cream cheese.

I made mini cupcakes of these. I preheated the oven to the same temperature (350 degrees) I lined a mini cupcake pan with liners. I put a tablespoon of batter into each cup. Then I baked 12 minutes and turned out perfect but I live at high altitude. If you want a more vibrant pink flavor just add red food coloring. Then I topped off with cream cheese icing added some strawberry puree and another 1/4 cup powdered sugar best cupcakes ever!

Arrange a few “ice-cream” shapes in the wax bowl. Use the left-over waxes from these shapes, and prepare whipped wax. Pack wax around the wick, and between the wax shapes. This gives your wax arrangement better cohesion, and makes for a more even-burning candle. Arrange more wax shapes on top. Pack whipped wax around the wick. Leave to set.

These cupcakes are amazing! I make them all the time, and they are always a hit. I did add 1/2 tsp of baking powder and also if you are having trouble with the frosting make sure you are using cold butter, not margarine. It will be very runny if you do not use real butter just fyi

I made these this weekend and wasn’t overly impressed. I used fresh strawberries and really couldn’t taste them in the cupcake. I also though the cupcake was floury and too dense. The best thing about it was the cream cheese frosting that I made with real strawberries and put on top. I won’t try this recipe again.

I made these cupcakes as directed and they were pretty much flavorless. The frosting was WAY too buttery without much flavor. I was pretty excited about making cupcakes other than vanilla or chocolate so I was very disappointed. I would not make these again.

So for proportions here is what I did — 2 batches of cupcake batter, double the strawberry fillings proportions, and 1.5 times the icing and makes 24 perfect cupcakes AND just a little left over icing and strawberries for making “deconstructed cupcakes” with the cake you core out of the cupcakes 🙂

Grease a dessert glass very well with cooking oil. Make a wax shell no thicker than 5 mm (0.20"). Pour the liquid wax out, and press the wick into the soft center. Leave to set. Make another shell in the glass’s base, and cut out the center (an apple-corer works well), while the wax is still soft.



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