How to burn a candle all the way down

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2 min readOct 8, 2022

Extinguish a candle using a lighter.

Do not burn the candle to the bottom. In general, if it is a container candle, it is recommended to stop using it when there is only 1cm of wax left. This keeps the wick vertical and the burn in check at all times.

Our favorite way to properly extinguish a candle flame is with a wick spoon. Wick spoons have long handles; you can use their tips to push the wick into the oil quickly. This eliminates oxygen and extinguishes the flame instantly with little smoke. It’s fast, simple, and effective.

By carefully extinguishing your Surprise Candles, you can avoid a burnt, smoke-smelling room that can ruin the atmosphere you’ve carefully created by lighting your candles. This gives you more time to linger and enjoy special candle moments. Regarding candle care, here’s how you shouldn’t put out candles.

Extinguish a candle using a flame.

The most obvious way to put out a candle is to blow out the flame, but there are other ways to put out a candle. You can extinguish the flame by licking the tip of your finger and squeezing the wick quickly. The biggest problem with this method is burning yourself, so make sure to release the wick soon. If you have tweezers handy, use them to hold the wick. Then bend the wick until it’s in the liquid wax, smothering the flame. Be sure to pull the wick right away to avoid getting lost in the wax bath. Re-straighten the wick, and trim off the burnt, frayed tip once the wax has dried. Read on to learn how to extinguish candles with a snuff bottle!

I admit. Whenever I want to put out my flame, I blow it out. “Unfortunately, blowing out a candle is not the ideal way to extinguish a candle,” explains Mayne. “[This] wax will splash on your face and fill the room with smoke. Blowing out the candle will also bury the wick in the wax, making it harder to light the candle next time. “ You should use a candle extinguisher to Put out the flames,” she added.

Stay away from smoke. When you blow out the candles with rings inside, it releases a thick cloud of black smoke. Keep your distance from extinguished candles to prevent this smoke from depositing soot on your skin or clothing or smelling it. research source.



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