Great Grape Scented Wax Melt

Maria F. Solares
2 min readOct 14, 2022

Create a tremendous grape-scented wax melt.

Grape melts are amazing! This is my first time trying this wonderful fragrance, and I will order more. They have a strong smell that lasts a long time, which is precisely the soy milk I’m looking for.

The grapes are great! February 21, 2019, By Jackie Marsden This is a unique, simple grape scented candles, which is why I love it! You won’t find grapes in the candle selection anymore. It usually has some floral or perfume in it. So this is a great option to keep it subtle.

This candle is grapes :) March 26, 2016, by Brooke This is a wonderfully scented grape candle. I had a small jar in my living room, and it filled the room. I love burning multiple scents at once, which blends well with other fruity PI candles I’ve bought. I just placed my second order, and it has this scent. It smells like grapes but tastes sweet, not pediatric. Suitable for those who like fruity aromas.

I am choosing the right wax melt scent.

When you burn homemade wax melts, they release a wonderful smell into your home. As long as you store your melts in an airtight container, you won’t find them losing their aroma over time. However, it depends on the wax melt you typically use and how much essential oil it contains. Quality can vary widely.

The more essential oils you add to your waxes, the stronger they smell. Because everyone is different, you can decide how strong you want your homemade polish to smell like melting. When making your first batch, experiment with different scents and quantities until you find what works best for you.

Why not create a soothing essential oil blend that works well together? Using natural ingredients to make your wax, feel free to experiment with different combinations. For example, citrus scents tend to complement nicely. You can mix lemons, limes, and oranges for a fresh scent.



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