Can You Trim a Candle Wick With Scissors?

Maria F. Solares
4 min readFeb 24, 2021

Candle wicks, also known as taper candles, are oftentimes very fragile. They are also made out of cheap materials that are not that strong. If you cut one of these with your straight blade, it will be quite a bit of work to pull it apart. If you happen to get bit by the candle wax with your scissor, it may sting a bit but you should be able to heal yourself. But what if you cut a wick with your electric cutter?

You do have an option if you find yourself cutting your candle wick with a knife or a pair of scissors. First of all, let’s start with safety. Make sure you have some safety precautions in place before you light up a new candle. These include making sure there are no children or pets around, that the room is well ventilated and that there are no flammables in the area.

There are several different styles for you to choose from when it comes time to trim a candle wick. The most obvious option is to use a razor blade. Many electric cutters come with pre-measured slots for you to insert the wick. The only issue with this is the amount of shaving you have to do to get the desired results. It can take several passes of the blade to get the entire wick in place.

A much easier method is the use of a safety razor. With this tool, you simply push the razor throughout the wick until it is smooth. You then simply shave off the excess and trim the candle wick. This is certainly a much faster method, but it is also much less sanitary than having to shave the candle wick by hand.

Candle wicks can be purchased or made from scratch at your local craft store. If you choose to make the wick yourself, be sure that you purchase quality materials. Do not cut corners and buy low quality wicks as they will not hold up as long as those sold in stores. Instead, invest in high quality products and you will not have to worry about them breaking as often.

If you are unsure as to whether or not you will like cutting the wick yourself, then you might want to consider purchasing an electric candle-cutting kit. With these kits, you get everything you need to easily trim the wick and you can perform the task in just a matter of minutes. Some kits even come with safety precautions for use in specific areas. If you are going to purchase such a kit, be sure to thoroughly check out the instruction manual to ensure that you are safe

Another question you might need to ask yourself before attempting to trim a wick is what type of candle you are planning to use. Each type of candle will require a different way to cut it. Be sure to read the instructions thoroughly before attempting to trim it. The wrong move could end up damaging the wick and it could also pose a risk to yourself.

If you answered “yes,” “no,” or “I don’t know” to any of the above questions, you may want to purchase a candle-remover that is specifically made to trim wicks. These are fairly inexpensive and can easily be purchased at any store. They come in many different styles, so you should easily find one to match your home decor. If you decide to try and trim a wick on your own, be sure to use the proper utensils and follow all safety precautions. That way, you can ensure the longevity of your wick as well as your safety.



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